Who we are

We are a Project Management company based in Nairobi, Kenya. You can call us CON International. The fact that you landed on this page and are reading it isn't sheer serendipity. We are elated that you are taking your valuable time to get to know us, we would also love to get to know you further; feel free to contact us. Please read on to see what we can do for you. We are passionate about seeing organizations succeed when it comes to managing their projects and achieving their strategic goals. We understand that apart from BAU activities, projects are a means through which organizations achieve their goals. Thus, it is of paramount importance that projects achieve their desired goals and objectives. Our goal is to help you drive profits and/or achieve results through projects.

  • We help organizations improve the success rate of projects via our Effective Project Management program
  • We help organizations to harness the value data through data projects
  • We help organizations assess progress, improve performance and achieve desired outcomes and impact through Monitoring and Evaluation
Set yourself apart and gain a competitve edge by learning and practicing our Data Driven project management approach. Discover the obvious but key elements which have been eluding you but will help you demistify and master project management. Grab the power and take charge of your projects. We will be glad to offer you help if need be, just get in touch with us.

Why us?

  • Our service delivery is realible and personalized. We understand that no one size or solution fits all, we tend to our clients according to their unique needs.
  • We will hold your hand and make sure you know what works for you. Thus, you can forget the trial and error process and a steep learning and implementation curve.
  • We passionate, competent and skilled in what we do.
  • We are genuinely interested in seeing you succeed when it comes to your projects.

Our values

  • Integrity - Our moral authority defines who we are. We therefore endavour to be credible and trustworthy in all our dealings.
  • Fluidity - We believe in openness and adaptability and that by remaining fluid we become better. We embrace forward movement and progress rather than wanton commitment to archaic principles and practices of the past
  • Respect - Everybody is unique and has something special to offer.