• Never ending projects due to constantly changing requirements
  • Going overbudget
  • Limited time
  • No tangible deliverables
  • Low productivity and morale in the project team
  • Unsatisfied clients

Does that sound familiar? These are just but some of the common woes that plague projects. Are you sick and tired of wasting time and money, experiencing frustration, disappointing clients, tarnishing reputation, losing business and making losses? We feel and understand you, we know your longing for better outcomes.

Projects are a means through which organizations achieve their strategies and goals. They can also be tools to achieve and further an organisation’s mission. However, managing and delivering successful projects is a no mean feat and organizations find themselves struggling in this area. There is more than meets the eye from ideation to successful implementation of projects. Avoid the pitfalls that plague most projects. Learn the keys that will dramatically improve your perfomance, effectiveness and in turn your project success rate. We will help you diagnoze and address the root cause of why your organization is underperforming or failing when it comes to projects. Transform your project into a results achieving and profitable ventures with our help. It is time move to efficient and effective project management and we are here to guide you.

Success is the progressive realization of a predetermined goal. Therefore, M&E is crucial if an organization is to determine the progress or impact of a project, program or an intervention. Are you on a progressive path or are you on a plateau? Find out where you are toward realizing your program or project objectives. Track changes of your project or program performance over time and make informed decisions regarding the effectiveness of programs and the efficient use of resources. Determine if activities need adjustment during the intervention to improve desired outcomes. Measure how well the program activities have met expected objectives and/or the extent to which changes in outcomes can be attributed to the program or intervention. Increase your integrity and cement your credibility with both beneficiaries and donors.

Our goal as CON International is to help you assess progress, improve performance and achieve desired results for your program, project or intervention. We understand that at the centre of effective monitoring and evaluation is constant data collection, analysis and utilization; we will take the burden off your shoulders and help you do that. Together with you, we'll start by defining success and how to measure results every step of the way. We will then provide an independent and objective opinion of your progress. The M&E process will be tailored to fit the program or project unique design and needs.

We live in a day and age where volumes of data are generated and collected each waking second. In the last few years, there has been an explosion in the amount of data that’s available. The sad truth is that very few organizations have realized the potent value of data. Many organizations don't view their data as an asset and hence don't treat it as such. In this data age, what will set organizations apart and give them a competitive edge is not only collection but also the utilization of data.

Fret not if you haven't joined the data driven movement. We are passionate about helping organizations harness the value of data through projects. We create projects around your data that will enable you to use your data to create value and innovative ways of doing business; improve efficiency and effectiveness. It is time to make your organization's data work for you and contribute to growth and profitability. Turn your organization into a data driven entity with our help and discover how to succeed with data so that you can be ahead of the pack.

"That man who seeks to learn more of his craft shall be richly rewarded." - Arkad: The Richest Man in Babylon. Do you agree with the statement? We do, we understand that Mastery is the key to standing out. Through mastery you gain confidence in what you do and you in turn offer superior products and services to your clients. Our training programs are designed to help you to reduce the learning curve and become Masters in your craft.

  1. Go agile training
  2. Software product management is a significant part of a software project. With the correct software product management practices and disclipine, you are bound to achieve better software. Go-Agile is a training aimed at desmistifying what agile project management is. Develop great software through effective handling of: client expectations, developer expertise, and timelines. Join those already reaping the fruits of adopting agile software project management.

  3. Effective project management
  4. This program helps organizations to go beyond effeciency by doing what is truly important which results in achieving project goals and objectives within time, cost and specifications.

  5. Total Quality Management
  6. This training helps organizations to understand the importance of quality assurance in software product development.